Dungeon of Doom (also known as Palace of The Guy) is the final area in I Wanna Be The Guy with 6 locations. It's

Map of Dungeon of Doom.

not based off of any game but 2 sections in Hall of Former The Guys however, are based off of Breakout and Gradius. This area is filled with spikes, delicious fruit and fire. The boss here is The Father.


After The Kid defeats the Devil Dragon, he'll be teleported in The Entrance of The Guy. It looks safe, but however, it gets lit on fire. The fire is from the lamps which fall directly on the floor. This area contains moving platforms, Tree Monster and the first and last appearance of Fruit Monster. The next room is the Labyrinth of The Guy. The Kid must find out the exit of this location, which contains "mini rolling moons" and rising fires. Each wrong room will lead to a Magikoopa which kills The Kid with its unavoidable magic. After The Kid exits the Labyrinth he'll be located in Hall of Former The Guys, which contains many characters from other games. Some pictures are "alive" such as Bowser, who breaths fire making Lu Bu angry causing fire on the floor and Vic Viper which is rideable. Some rooms will try to fool you such as Ryu Hayabusa's room with an Error Report pop-up. When The Kid leaves the Hall, he'll be put in Front Door of The Guy. When The Kid tries to enter the front door, parts of the floor will collapse and drop The Kid into the Incinerator of The Guy. But however if The Kid enters through the front door, he'll be placed in Master Higgins room with eggplants with a secret item. When The Kid exits the incinerator he'll be in the Final Tower of The Guy, which is an autoscroller with an elevator which speeds up half way through. Also it contains an evil Save Point, which chases The Kid when it is shot. The next and final room is with The Father.

Front Door of The Guy

Those who have failed to reach The Guy...

Trivia Edit

  • King Kong is climbing the side of this building on the Menu.
    King kong

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