IWBTE death screen

The infamous Game Over screen is the screen that pops up whenever your character dies. Although it says GAME OVER, unless you are on impossible, you can go back to the previous save, so it technically isn't actually a game over. The screen reads:


Press R to try again

The Game Over RoomEdit

There is a room in the Beginning of the Adventure where if you take the correct invisible platforms in the two rooms prior to it, you end up in a room which claims itself to be 'the safest room in the game', and that 'only Q can kill you'. Whether you hit Q or not, the GAME OVER sign is still there.

Game Over MusicEdit

Whenever you die, Might is Right but Tight, from the game Guilty Gear Isuka plays. This may be annoying to players when they first start, but they get used to it quickly, as EVERY time (with a few exceptions) you die, you will hear this.

If you are hit by the plane in the beginning of the adventure, die whilst fighting Mike Tyson, get killed by a Metroid, run out of time whilst escaping Tourian, get killed by Gutsman, or get sat on by Kraidgief, Might is Right but Tight does not play.

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