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A room with Ryu.

The Guy Industries Tower is a world in I Wanna be the Guy. It is a large tower that The Kid must go through, twice, to get to the Gate of The Guy, and subsequently The Guy's Castle. Both the inside and outside of the tower must be scaled, although during different times of the game. Unlike most of the other worlds in the game the Tower has no boss, as The Kid must go through it after beating Mother Brain and Bowser to get to the Gate of The Guy, or back to the beginning if all of the bosses have not been beaten. The inside is gone through after beating Mother Brain, and has floating turrets, wall jumping obstacles, and springy couches . The outside is gone through after beating Bowser, Wart and Dr. Wily and has a sniper man, security drones, and a large spike labyrinth.


As stated previously, The Kid must go through the Tower twice, although on different, parallel paths; once after going through Tourian, and once after The Factory. After beating Tourian The Kid must go through the inside of The Tower. The inside has a fairly linear progression to the Gate of The Guy. After going through The Factory The Kid must go through the outside of The Tower, in which he must progress upwards, with a large spike puzzle. After passing through the large spike puzzle, The Kid will converge into the path he takes to The Gate of The Guy after beating Mecha Birdo.


The three entrances to the Guy Industries Tower are after beating Mecha Birdo from The Graveyard, after beating Bowser , Wart and Dr. Wily from the Factory, and after going through Tourian. The entrance, as well as exit, to Dracula's Castle is in The Tower, right before the Gate of The Guy. To exit The Tower, at the gate there are two portals that will take The Kid to the start, or if he has beaten all the bosses, he can go to the Road to The Guy.


  • The initials are GIT. Git which is the term of a person who is deemed to be dispeciable, which means to be hated, which players would describe the game itself as. This could simply be a coincidence, however.