I Wanna Be The Adazel is a fangame made by Black Silver

I Wanna Be The Adazel Zombie boss battle snapshot

A snapshot from the battle with Zombie



Like in I Wanna Be The Diverse, theres one boss that is fought one time, another with help from another boss and is possessed by the ghosts of the previous bosses making him/her the final boss. This prime example is Adazel. Adazel has his own boss music for each fight. This particular music is the boss theme that plays when you fight Kraid: And his final fight music is the music when you enter the Haunted Playground:

Zombie Zombie is a slimy gooey zombie that is fought in Graveyard 8. He was originally from Puyo Puyo. His fight music is Level 5-8 and his phase 2 music is The Scene Of A Hard Battle

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