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Overall these fangames, this one has got to be the hardest. The game is called I Wanna Be The Boshy, or Boshy for short. This game is very different from all of the other fangames in the fact that this is ridiculously hard. And completely random.

First of all, unlike most of the other fangames, the protagonist of Boshy is a yellow warning sign with a pistol :P

Boshy also includes a detailed options menu. One of the best options is the Frame Rate, also known as FPS, which allows you to change how fast your game is. Also there is a selection of characters which can be found by pressing F3 ingame. Some characters have personal gags installed, like Nyan Cat's rainbow, but some unlockable characters have very special features!

Also, for those who are really daring, there are lots of chests through the game that you can find, with secret items CDs or new characters! One of the CD's (Rickroll) gives you an Easter egg where if you have the CD and you are at the 6th boss the Easter egg is to press 3.

Boshy is so far the only fangame to have an online co op mode, and if someone saves, you can warp next to them. There is also a chat feature and some commands you can use. To see the list of commands press enter and type /help. 

The difficulties change how effectively you play the game. E-Z: lots of saves and 50% boss health, plus a Turbo feature, which allows you to rapid-fire. Totally-Average: slightly less saves and higher boss health, plus you can only shoot 1 bullet at a time. Hardon: even less saves and higher boss health. You're-Gonna-Get-Raped: saves ONLY before  and after a boss, and with 200% boss health.

The game has been bashed on by many IWBTG fans due to its un-scaled nature, and somewhat corny style.


This next section tells you who all of the bosses are in the game, so if you don't want to spoil the *FUN*, don't read this next part.

World 1 Boss: Hello Kitty

World 2 Miniboss: Kracko

World 2 Miniboss: King DeDeDe

World 2 Boss: Ryu

World 3 Challenge: Gastly

World 3 Boss: Mario

World 4 Boss: Biollante

World 5 Boss: Sonic the Hedgehog

World 6 Boss: Skeleton King

World 6 Miniboss: Blob (from Solgryn's Blob's Adventure game)

World 7 Boss: Megaman

World 8 Boss: Shang Tsung

World 9 Boss: Ganondorf

World 10 Boss: Missingno

World 11 Boss: N/A

World 12 Boss: Solgryn, as a Danish Oatmeal Box

Boshy is extremely difficult and is not advised to be played by short tempered people who get really angry. This game also causes frequent rage quitting, so don't put yourself down for being a noob. Nobody's perfect. 

SPOILER 2! Again! Don't see this if you hate spoilers

Hello Kitty-Normal Difficulty

Kracko-Easy as pie!

King DeDeDe-Normal

Ryu-Kind of hard




Skelking-Kind of hard

Megaman-Hell and harder than sonic!

Shang tsung-50% hard

Bomberman(earlier boss now changed)-Easy,



SOLGRYN-Hell of a fucking maker!

Secretboss1 Kappa-Lol-Hard

Secretboss2 Cheetahman-Fast, Hell of a boss.


  • If you got to world 6 in beta 1.3.1 or earlier versions, when you go passed the secret item (it tells you how much health a boss has) and keep on going you can actually find a secret boss called "Random the question mark" because he is a

Random boss. All he does is shoot white pellets and he has 100 health. He was removed for unknown reasons.

  • IWBTB was created because of this: A user named Boshy complained about IWBTG being too easy so Solgryn made IWBTG in point to give boshy the finger (Sometimes you can even meet Boshy on co op mode! I got to meet him!!!)
  • In earlier versions of the game, the tower (megaman music) was not there, you went to a door which took you to the castle.
  • There is a wiki for this game! Go there now via Google!

Good Luck, and happy playing!



who is sadly struggling to kill Mario.

(support please!!)

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