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I Wanna Be the Boshy (Boshy for short), is a highly difficult fan game based on IWBTG. It is regarded by the majority of the community as one of the most difficult of the fan games currently released so far; it has a high quantity of RNG-based (randomly generated) events, and a variety of jump scares along the way. Edit

The main protagonist of Boshy is a yellow warning sign with a pistol.

Boshy includes a detailed options menu, including features that allow the FPS (Frames Per Second) of the game to be adjusted.

There is a selection of characters which can be found by pressing F3 ingame; Some characters have personal gags installed, like Nyan Cat's rainbow, and some unlockable characters have particular features unique to them.

The game features a set of collectible 'Chests' scattered throughout the game, containing a variety of things ranging from secret items, collectible CD's, and secret characters.

Boshy features an online co-op mode, allowing the player to warp to the location of their partners if they progress further than their current progress. This also includes a chat feature (accessed by pressing Enter/Return), allowing the players to communicate with one another. A full list of commands on the online co-op mode can be accessed through the /help command.

The game has been negatively viewed by many IWBTG fans due to its un-scaled nature, and somewhat corny style.


The game features three tiers of difficulty, selected at the beginning of the game.

  • "E-Z" Difficulty: large quantities of save points, boss health is reduced to 50%, and the game includes a rapid-fire 'Turbo' feature that allows a large amount of bullets to be shot at one time. Also adds special blocks that are exclusive to this mode to make some sections easier.
  • "Totally-Average" Difficulty: slightly increased number of save points than "Hard-On", bullets fired are limited to one entity at a time.
  • "Hard-On" Difficulty: The "Normal" difficulty which the game is meant to be played at, bullet limitations are the same as "Totally-Average"
  • "You're-Gonna-Get-Raped" Difficulty: Save points are positioned only at the beginning and end of each boss fight, and bosses have an increased 200% health, bullet limitations remain the same as prior difficulties.


  • In World 6 in during the beta 1.3.1 or earlier versions; when you go past the secret item (it tells you how much health a boss has) and keep on going you can actually find a secret boss called "Random the qand has 100 health; it was removed for unknown reasons.
  • It was believed that Boshy's origins were from the IWBTG forums, from a post from the user 'boshy', complaining at the low difficulty of IWBTG at the time. Solgryn (Boshy's creator) noticed this and created IWBTB in retaliation to his/her claims. However, in truth Solgryn created the fan game in tribute to Boshy and he hadn't planned the game to be so hard.

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