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  • ...That Kayin did the voice of The Guy?
  • ...That The Kid is an unlockable character in Super Meat Boy?
  • ...That I Wanna Be The Guy was inspired by a game called Jinsei Owata no Daibōken?
  • ...That the Medusa Head in-game freeze and push The Kid, whereas in Castlevania, only the Gold Heads did this?
  • ...That the physics in I Wanna Be The Guy particularly getting hit to the side of a spike have been nicknamed Mega-Man physics?
  • ...That I Wanna Be The Guy was created with Multimedia Fusion 2?
  • ...That I Wanna Be The Guy is listed as a beta, despite no longer being in active development?
  • ...That I Wanna Be The Guy has inspired many fan games, the most famous of which being I wanna be the boshy
  • ...That Kraidgief is a parody of palette-hacked character glitches
  • ...That apples are actually giant cherries?
  • ...That restart counts as a death?


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