The Road to The Guy is a unique location in I Wanna Be The Guy. This area can only be reached by going to the

Road to The Guy. The Cheep Cheeps can be seen.

Gate of The Guy after having beaten all six bosses. After the picture's of the six bosses appear The Kid is transfered to the Road of The Guy on a rail cart. This area is unique in that The Kid must stay on the rail cart as it moves to the right, or else he will fall behind the cart and die. As The Kid progresses towards the Castle of The Guy he passes signs that state how far he is from the Castle. Where The Kid starts at is 10,000 Kilometers away, and will pass one for 7,500 km, 5,000 km, 2,500 km, and 1,000 km. As he progresses towards The Guy The Kid will pass many obstacles including Bullet Bills, Cheep Cheeps, and wall jumping puzzles. When The Kid gets to the 2,500 km sign the cart will speed up greatly, and The Kid will not move until he gets to The Castle, and when he does, he will face the Devil Dragon.


  • For some reason, if the player is playing on Medium difficulty, when The Kid enters this area, his pink bow will be missing.