Save PointEdit

A save point is shot with The Kid's gun to create or overwrite the current save file on the player's computer. When restarting the game (pressing r or reentering the game), The Kid will spawn from wherever he was when the Save Point was last shot. When changing the game's difficulty, the amount of save points change.


Save points appear as yellow blocks with a red circle in its center. When shot the red circle will turn green, signifying the game has been saved. Save blocks also have the word "SAVE" on them. All save points exclusive to medium mode have "WUSS" on them instead. Right before the boss battle with The Father there is a save point that appears slightly darker, and instead of "SAVE" or "WUSS" has the word "EVIL" over it. When The Kid hits this save point it will begin to move towards him, and will kill him, however after hitting it three times it will turn in to a normal save point. This is the only potential save point in the impossible difficulty.