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The Guy is a position of power in the game, I Wanna Be The Guy. The plot to the game is central around The kid's efforts to become The Guy. It is unknown what power is associated with being The Guy, but much of the power that is displayed from The Father could be credited to his being The Guy. To become the Guy, the one who seeks the position must kill the current the Guy, or die trying. Eventually, as shown in the game, there was a chosen one who became the Guy, but then his son killed him to become the Guy. This has seemingly continued through that family for many generations, as it is stated that The Father killed Former Grandfather The Guy, and then The Kid killed the Father. The Guy lives in The Dungeon of Doom, a trap filled castle, also known as the castle of The Guy. Inside the Dungeon of Doom there is a hall, called the Hall of Former The Guys, which shows portraits of all former The Guys.

Notable The GuysEdit

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