Tourian is an area in I Wanna Be The Guy that is based on the game Metroid. This area is very similar to the

2nd section of Tourian.

Tourian of the original game, as it has both the lava, and overall general appearance of it. The primary enemies in this area are metroids, just like the real Tourian. These metroids will appear if The Kid steps on certain areas, and will latch on to him to kill him. There are other enemies, however, that appear in room to obtain the secret item. These enemies include zoomers, and skrees. The boss of Tourian, just like Metroid, is Mother Brain. After the defeat of Mother Brain there begins a countdown, in which the Kid must escape, or else he will die. Also, one special part of this is area is that, like the Factory, you can only shoot 3 shots at a time, unlike the rest of the game, where you can normally shoot 4 at a time.


Despite being considered a World, Tourian is very small, and only has one path. When The Kid first enters he may go left, however that is only to obtain a secret item, other than that, The Kid must go down to fight Mother Brain. After the fight with Mother Brain, a countdown will begin, in which the Kid must get the red unit, and then escape from Tourian. If The Kid goes back to the entrance of Tourian, it will look scarred by an explosion, and The Kid will be unable to re-enter.


The Kid may enter Tourian from The Factory, right after the split path. When The Kid exits Tourian he will turn up at the inside of the Guy Industries Tower. Another interesting note is that the zoomer from Tourian will leave the boundries of Tourian after enough playtime has passed, and can be seen in the Factory.


  • There is a bug with the music after the defeat of Mother Brain. The Escape theme plays as normal, but if you die whilst escaping, the music on every attempt after the first will be the factory theme. If you save during the escape, close the game, re-open the game and then re-load your progress the music goes back to the Escape Theme. Again, if you die after that, the music becomes the factory theme again.
  • The Zoomer of the secret area can come out of Tourian and escape to The Factory. If you wait 5 or 6 minutes in the safe spot of Bowser battle, the Zoomer can enter the room and kill you.
  • After the first death in the escape sequence, if you reset and immediately hit pause at the EXACT right time, the Escape theme will play, but it will change to the factory theme as soon as you unpause.
  • There is a small spot in the Mother Brain's jar that you can stay and shoot without jumping, making the killing process a lot faster.