Treasures are the objects listed in the game's Zelda style beginning. Most of these items appear in-game, while some are never even seen in the game and are very strange, such as "8-bit Che Guevara." Upon the end of the list of Treasures, Link's sprite from The Legend of Zelda appears, holding up a sign saying "Most of this shit does not appear in this Game."

List of TreasuresEdit

Trivia Edit

Even though it says "Most of this shit does not appear in this Game.", most of them do appear in the game. The Kid is the protagonist, Very Small Gun and Cape of Hero are used by The Kid throughout the game, Spike and Delicious Fruit are common hazards, Ryu appears in the Guy Industries Tower, and Hadoken is one of Kraidgief's attacks. So there are 7 treasures that appear in the game, and 4 treasures that don't appear in the game.

Gallery Edit

Cape of Hero
Cape of Hero-1
Cape of Hero-0
Cape of Hero-2
Cape of Hero-3
Cape of Hero-1449811812

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