Wart is a

Wart in the Koopa Clown Car.

boss in I Wanna Be The Guy. He the second member of the collective fight with Bowser and Dr. Wily in The Factory. Wart appears in the Koopa Clown Car after beating Bowser. When Wart appears, two blocks will dissapear from each side of the platform, exposing the spikes underneath. Wart will bounce around the room, sending two puffs of dust to the sides whenever he hits the platform. The Kid must jump over the dust, and Wart will eventually turn the Klown Kar sideways, land on the right end of the platform, and fire a slow, giant, unavoidable Banzai Bill to the left. The Kid must shoot it, and try to make it explode before it hits him. If The Kid gets caught in the "BOMB" explosion, he will die, however it will also kill Wart. The Kid can also just stay just on the right edge of the platform when Wart turns the Clown Car, and the Banzai Bill will just barely miss him when it appears. The Kid can also fall off the left of the platform just as Banzai Bill is about to hit him and double jump back onto the platform just as the bullets passes by. In either case it'll fly to the left, and Wart will eventually just disappear. After Wart's defeat, Dr. Wily will appear.

HP: 50

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